Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I had never donated to a political campaign before in my life - and I wouldn't have donated to Barack Obama's either, except that a t-shirt was promised with a minimum donation. I like t-shirts. So I donated... and donated again, and now I have two t-shirts.

I have also eschewed Starbuck's entirely. Tully's has compostable cups and sleeves, and recyclable lids, plus they serve fair-trade espresso. Also, a childhood friend works at the Tully's near where I work. So, this morning, I bought my usual non-fat latte from Tully's (which is delicious, btw - Starbucks, you and your burnt espresso can bite me).

As I was walking to my job working for a West coast e-commerce company, wearing my newest Obama t-shirt and sipping my non-fat latte, I had an epiphany.

I am a West-coast, latte-drinking elitist.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back to work....

So, I worked from May 19th (when I got back from Austria) every day until this last Thursday. Then I took Friday and Saturday (my usual weekend) off. It was wondrous. I was pretty exhausted, so I didn't end up doing much, but it was lovely not to be working.

Now, I'm back. And with a bigger and badder backlog than ever. The only good thing is that I write/read/hear German all day long. My inquiries come in via fax, email and voicemail, so I actually transcribe messages in German. Reminds me of dictation in German class. :)

I also got my totally awesome painted ceramics back. They look incredible! Unfortunately, I can't post them until they are given as gifts, otherwise, that would ruin the surprise. :) But it was a lot of fun.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!